Stall STI Aromaa

We are going to work to the Stall STI Aromaa stables in Germany. Stable is located Nehmten, Germany, which is 55 km from Hamburg, 55 km from Travemünde and 92 km in Puttgarden. Owners of the stable are Laura and Niclas Aromaa. They have a show jumping horses and dressage horses, most of the horses are young.  Also they train and sell horses and goes in competitions with horses. They coach riders too.

In Stall STI they have about 40 horses in stable.
There is seven workers in stable. Six of them are from Finland and one is from Germany.
Every workers have their own jobs every day. For example somebody groom the horses for Niklas and Laura. Someone clean the stable. Almost everyday every worker ride a horse/horses.


Stall STI Aromaa

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