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My name is Katariina and I´m 18 years old girl from Finland, Varkaus. I study in Ylä- Savon Ammattikoulu in Kiuruvesi and I´m going to graduate hopefully as a groom in spring 2016.

I have always like horses and I did start riding when I was eleven. I went as soon as possible to work in the stables  Since then I have had  own horses, but I had to sell them as a result of going to study to Kiuruvesi.

Horses have always been my thing, and I could not imagine doing anything else but to work with them. I'm going to work in the stables to Stall STI Aromaa in Germany. I hope that everything goes well and I will learn a lot of new.

My name is Matleena. I`m 19 years old. I study at Ylä-Savon ammattiopisto. When I graduate I will be groom, If everything goes well, I will graduate at spring 2016.
I live in Paimio, Finland.

Now I`m working at Germany, in Stall Sti Aromaa. I hope that I will learn a lot of new and I have nice nine weeks in here.

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